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Timing Belt Replacement in Manteo, NC

If the timing is right for timing belt replacement, and you are in Manteo or the Outer Banks region, head over to Lighthouse Automotive. Our auto mechanics apply care and precision to every auto repair job that comes their way, including timing belt replacement.

Though it's built to last, you will eventually need timing belt replacement. How long your timing belt lasts depends on the vehicle and the owner's driving habits. If you're in Manteo, Lighthouse Automotive will develop a preventative maintenance plan to be aware of potential issues, such as wear and tear on your timing belt, before any accidents happen.

The auto repair team at Lighthouse Automotive understands the importance of timing belt replacement. If you don't have your timing belt replaced, it can cause damage to your engine. While we're here, our auto mechanics can also replace your water pump, as the two repairs are commonly done together. This will save the time and expense of doing both jobs separately. We have your best interest in mind at Lighthouse Automotive in Manteo & the Outer Banks Region. Our nationwide 3-year/36,000-mile warranty will give you peace of mind.

Schedule a timing belt replacement with Lighthouse Automotive in Manteo today, and you'll be as pleased as our client in the testimonial below:

"I have used Lighthouse Automotive several times & have been very pleased with their work, not to mention their great attitudes and welcoming demeanor. You will not be disappointed with their services, nor their prices." -- Ervin H.

If you're in Manteo or the Outer Banks region, trust Lighthouse Automotive for timing belt replacement! Contact us today to schedule a reservation. Lighthouse Automotive is located at 539 NC Hwy 345, Manteo, NC 27954. Just in time service with nothing you don't need.

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