Car Cooling System Repair in Manteo, NC

If you’re experiencing issues with your cooling system or your radiator, don’t wait-- bring it to Lighthouse Automotive today. Ignoring a problem with your cooling system is an expensive game to play. And in Manteo & the Outer Banks region, Lighthouse Automotive  has the auto mechanic team you need to get to the bottom of your troubles.

Your car’s radiator is the crucial component of the cooling system in your vehicle. Its function is to keep the engine coolant fluid at the correct level. Without a good working radiator, the cooling system can shut down, leading to the cylinder head gasket cracking and the engine block being permanently damaged-- an expensive issue.

The best food forward with your cooling system or any auto repair issue you have is to get a professional opinion as soon as possible. You need a shop with auto mechanics that strive hard to take care of their clients and give them the best service; who are fair and honest with their customers. That’s Lighthouse Automotive. We were nominated for NAPA Auto Shop of the Year in 2021, and we carry the NAPA Auto Care Gold 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on our work. We care about each and every customer and want to make sure they’re happy and safe. To quote one of our satisfied five-star customers:

“I highly recommend Lighthouse Automotive. They are friendly, courteous, but most of all, very thorough. They have my business from now on. My son took me to pick up the car, and they inspected his truck while we were there, plus took the time to ride down the road with him to figure out an issue he was having. We couldn’t have been more pleased. 😀.” -- Glenda J.

The radiator is vital to your vehicle’s cooling system. If anything isn’t where it should be, you’ll need an auto repair service to protect the life of your car. Lighthouse Automotive in Manteo & the Outer Banks region wants to be your auto shop and protect your vehicle. Please schedule a reservation with us today! Our store is located at 539 NC Highway 345, Manteo, NC 27954. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Lighthouse Automotive is your beacon in a sea of darkness!

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