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For most people buying tires is a big deal, so consult with your friendly and knowledgeable Lighthouse Automotive Inc tire professional about proper size, type and grade for your driving needs. He can help you balance load requirements, performance, durability and cost.

When buying new tires in Manteo, it's best to replace both tires on the same axle in order to keep the rolling diameter as close as possible.

Manteo drivers with four-wheel-drive vehicles should replace all four tires at the same time because you can run into problems if the tires have different rolling diameters due to wear or different type of tire. Four-wheel-drive vehicles should have all tires very close to the same rolling diameter to avoid binding and wheel hop between the front and rear axles.

Also, tire manufacturers recommend that if you are buying just two new tires that they be installed on the rear for safer slippery road traction – regardless of which wheels drive the vehicle. Lighthouse Automotive Inc in Manteo has you covered for all of your tire needs including tire repair, tire mounting, wheel balancing and wheel alignment.

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