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Alternator Repair in Manteo, NC

Have you been needing jump-starts suddenly? It might be the battery, or it could be the alternator. Our friendly auto mechanics can help you with a replacement or auto repair at Lighthouse Automotive  in Manteo & the Outer Banks region!

Just because a car isn’t holding the charge doesn’t guarantee that the problem is a faulty alternator. An alternator’s function is to return power to the battery, but a constantly dying battery can have other causes. If it is an alternator, there are usually other indicators, such as a check engine light, the dashboard lights dimming, and other odd indicators (a bad odor, an odd sound, etc.)

At Lighthouse Automotive, we thoroughly research the issue to find the actual culprit instead of replacing what might be a working part in a damaged system. As a NAPA Auto Care Gold warranty company (3-year/36,000-mile), a poorly-researched conclusion only makes our customer upset and costs us parts and labor. At Lighthouse Automotive , we take care of our clients, give them the best service, and are transparent in all our dealings. It’s why we’re nominated for NAPA Auto Shop of the Year for 2021. Every service we do comes with a free Digital Vehicle Inspection, where we assess issues with your vehicle and give you a recommended timeline for getting work done instead of pressuring you to do it all at once. Open, honest communication and friendly, expert service have been the secret of our success.

“While on vacation, my alternator went out, and Lighthouse took care of the problem within a few hours and even helped me get the work covered by warranty. Very helpful and professional!” -- Michael W.

If you think your alternator might be the center of your auto repair problems, don’t make a guess-- bring your vehicle to the auto mechanics of Lighthouse Automotive in Manteo & the Outer Banks region, and know for sure! Please schedule a reservation with us today! Our store is located at 539 NC Highway 345, Manteo, NC 27954. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Lighthouse Automotive is your beacon in a sea of darkness!

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